Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh How I Miss Thee

Dear Kole,
I miss you terribly. I am sure I don't let you forget that. But lately, I have been thinking of you a lot. Thinking of how big you are now, what you look like, if you can talk, if you even remember us, and SO much more. Another thing that is on my mind, is the institution. Our facilitator thinks you may have been transferred there :( We are trusting God 100% no matter what, therefore, we are not worried. Of course, we are praying and hoping that you aren't there, or won't be anytime soon, but no matter what happens we will still be your family. We are convienced that this is part of God's plan, for us to bring you home. But even if the worst happens, and you don't legally become part of our family, you still will in our hearts. But there's no need to think about that right now. You are my little brother. Those 5 little words right there, make me light up like the sun. I become astatic every time I hear or see those words. No matter how many times they've been used. No matter how many brothers I have in the end, I will still be beyond grateful and excited that you are my brother.
I'm also beyond excited to do photoshoots with you, talk with you, play with you, hold you, and the list goes on. I've already told you that I can't, unfortunately, go to EE to get you this time. So I have already prepped mom and dad to make sure they send pictures and videos of you as soon as they meet you. I will be at 3am if I have to, to make sure I see your precious face :) 

Hang in there buddy,
Love Sissy<3