Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day We've All Been Waiting For......

Dear Kole,
Today you were reunited with mom and dad. One year later, same place, same people, different purpose. This time around, they aren't just there for another little one....they are there for YOU. You may not completely understand or realize it, but today was the first day with your new mommy and daddy! Even though you only had a few minutes with each other, they could tell that you are such a smart and bright little boy! You can feed yourself, (which will make things a lot easier for us;) and you stick to your potty training schedule quite well. But bottom line is, everyone (and I do mean everyone!) is SO excitedly and anxiously awaiting your arrival. It is going to be absolutely amazing!!! I will be able to finally wrap my arms around you, after over a year of waiting to do so. I am so beyond thankful to God for allowing US to be your family. You are going to be one big blessing! I promise, mom and dad ARE coming back tomorrow, and will continue to. I pinky promise, you will never be abandoned or forgotten again. NEVER. From now on, only loved=)

Love you sunshine,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Are COMING!!!

Dear Kole,
Mom and dad just received what is called a travel date. People in your country send it out to adopting families once all the paperwork and everything has been translated and read over. It basically is a very excitedly awaited email saying "you can come get your baby now". And since YOU are our baby...............
It was a big surprise that they only gave us nine days to prepare before we leave. Usually it's 2-3 weeks out. But we are astatic right now! In just 9 days mom and dad will be on an airplane. You are coming HOME, sunshine! Home!!

See you soon,
Love Sissy