Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little About YOU

Dear Kole,
Your two month-home mark will be November 28th. Man, have these past two months been amazing!

Since you've been home, we've discovered a lot about you....

You looove to cook! The kitchen is probably your favorite place in the whole house (even though it's off limits for you and Levi).
You are the sweetest little cuddle bug! You love to be close and around people. You're a huger, and a kisser ;)
You are shy/timid for a while. You get nervous and cling to me, mom or dad, when a new person walks in. But it doesn't take too long for you to warm up to them.
You are mr. stubborn! You have that stubborn, bossy, trait that many kids with DS seem to have:) You must have been the boss in the orphanage, because you like to be in control and have your own way.
You like to test out EVERY toy in the house. You have to dump out all the buckets in the house. But in the end, it's not that bad because you do a good job cleaning up ;)
Your favorite game is 'chase'. You love to be chased by people, and laugh the loudest while running away.
You have the most contagious giggle!! Whenever I'm feeling down, I can't help but smile at you and your silly little act.
You love clothes. You love dressing yourself, and some times if there's an extra shirt lying around in the car, we'll find you in it.
You love food. But, who doesn't? ;)

I love all the little things that make you, you. 


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Day We've All Been Waiting For......

Dear Kole,
Today you were reunited with mom and dad. One year later, same place, same people, different purpose. This time around, they aren't just there for another little one....they are there for YOU. You may not completely understand or realize it, but today was the first day with your new mommy and daddy! Even though you only had a few minutes with each other, they could tell that you are such a smart and bright little boy! You can feed yourself, (which will make things a lot easier for us;) and you stick to your potty training schedule quite well. But bottom line is, everyone (and I do mean everyone!) is SO excitedly and anxiously awaiting your arrival. It is going to be absolutely amazing!!! I will be able to finally wrap my arms around you, after over a year of waiting to do so. I am so beyond thankful to God for allowing US to be your family. You are going to be one big blessing! I promise, mom and dad ARE coming back tomorrow, and will continue to. I pinky promise, you will never be abandoned or forgotten again. NEVER. From now on, only loved=)

Love you sunshine,

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We Are COMING!!!

Dear Kole,
Mom and dad just received what is called a travel date. People in your country send it out to adopting families once all the paperwork and everything has been translated and read over. It basically is a very excitedly awaited email saying "you can come get your baby now". And since YOU are our baby...............
It was a big surprise that they only gave us nine days to prepare before we leave. Usually it's 2-3 weeks out. But we are astatic right now! In just 9 days mom and dad will be on an airplane. You are coming HOME, sunshine! Home!!

See you soon,
Love Sissy

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh How I Miss Thee

Dear Kole,
I miss you terribly. I am sure I don't let you forget that. But lately, I have been thinking of you a lot. Thinking of how big you are now, what you look like, if you can talk, if you even remember us, and SO much more. Another thing that is on my mind, is the institution. Our facilitator thinks you may have been transferred there :( We are trusting God 100% no matter what, therefore, we are not worried. Of course, we are praying and hoping that you aren't there, or won't be anytime soon, but no matter what happens we will still be your family. We are convienced that this is part of God's plan, for us to bring you home. But even if the worst happens, and you don't legally become part of our family, you still will in our hearts. But there's no need to think about that right now. You are my little brother. Those 5 little words right there, make me light up like the sun. I become astatic every time I hear or see those words. No matter how many times they've been used. No matter how many brothers I have in the end, I will still be beyond grateful and excited that you are my brother.
I'm also beyond excited to do photoshoots with you, talk with you, play with you, hold you, and the list goes on. I've already told you that I can't, unfortunately, go to EE to get you this time. So I have already prepped mom and dad to make sure they send pictures and videos of you as soon as they meet you. I will be at 3am if I have to, to make sure I see your precious face :) 

Hang in there buddy,
Love Sissy<3

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Already Spoiled

Dear Kole,
Let me just say, you are going to be one spoiled boy! Almost every time we go to SOME store that contains clothing, mom or I always look for stuff for you. We just naturally start shopping for you ;) And if it's like this already, can you imagine what it will be like when you are actually HERE?! And now that our paperwork was delayed, mom and dad probably won't be traveling to get you till September :( But at least it will be cooler out! So now we have to pack you warm clothes and footies! I can only imagine how adorable you will look in footie pajamas! So far, I think you have 3 sets of PJ's and like 5 outfits. Including a pair of skinny jeans! You're already one stylish little man<3

Love you pal!

Monday, June 25, 2012

While I'm Waiting.......

Dear Kole,
First off, I'm sorry. I am so sorry. We are trying our VERY best to get you home as soon as possible, it's just not going as smoothly as it should be. I miss you sooooooo much, buddy! We really thought we'd be on an airplane by now.

This is one of those times where I have to remind myself, it's all in God's timing. I know He must have a bigger and better plan then we do, and He WILL provide and go before us. I know something good will come out of this, we just have to wait and see.....wait. I despise that word. I don't like waiting in line for anything (I don't think anyone does), I don't like sitting and waiting, waiting on someone, etc. I am a very impatient person but I have God to wait with me. That's another thing- we're not in this alone. As you go through a typical orphanage day, Kole, God is with you. As we work to get all these funds and paperwork together, God's with us. He says He will never leave or abandon us. NEVER. 

So, while I'm waiting, I will continue to count on the Lord and trust in Him and His timing. You probably don't know anything about Jesus, and are too young to understand it, so I pray for you day and night. And I won't stop until you get HOME.

I love you to the moon and back!
your inpatient sister 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dear Mr. Good Looking,

One of the Ukrainian sites you're listed on, has this majorly adorable picture of you on it. You look younger in it, but still, super cute!! Have I ever told you how cute you were when you were younger? And you still are, way too cute!

Love you bubby,

Friday, May 4, 2012

Exciting News + Trip To Target

I have some pretty awesome news, buddy! We have our taxes back!! Yep, that means our in-country expenses are covered. We are just $3,000 short, which we need for the plane tickets. At the moment, we're planning on taking part in a yard sale at our church, while hosting an online fundraiser with the Falvo's. So that's where we are in funds, now an update on our trip to Target :) The other day we went shopping, and picked out your first two pairs of PJ's! They're cute little monster pajamas for you to wear in Ukraine when mom and dad come to get you.

P.S. I wanted to post a baby picture of you. You were probably like 2 when Mrs. Gretchen took it. I just can't get over how adorable you were! And still are ;)

Love you to the moon and back,

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey There Delilah...

The Plain White T's sing 'Hey There Delilah' which is pretty much about this guy missing his girlfriend while she's away in NY (I think). It just reminded me of you because I'm missing you like crazy while you're in another country and I'm here in my air conditioned home with a rather large family that is anxiously awaiting your arrival. I know, really the song doesn't reflect our story, your not my boyfriend and none of us are in New York but hey, give me a break! On another note, incase you wanted a little update on the process, we were USCIS approved a few days ago, so now we're just waiting on the money. The oh-so slow and steady funds! But I promise, we will come rescue you SOON!!! We're hoping that May or June will be 'our month' :) I know I've already covered this, but man am I excited!! I see your pictures in the dining room, on the fridge, on my bedroom wall, in the boys room, all over the house and I just think of you being home, here, with us. And how amazingly awesome God is, to allow us to bring you home, and with that he is providing! I mean, I should really thank him more often. You were a long shot dream, someone you don't want to say goodbye to but you know you have to and probably won't see again. It sounds sad. Pretty depressing actually. But with God, you could have a happy ending! Not that this is the end, just a really good chapter in our story ;) Because between you and me, I don't think our story book will be closing any time soon. So anyway Kole, mommy and daddy are hoping to come get you in the next month or two, and until then, I'm here, preparing for your arrival (which will be the best chapter!) in fact, I already have a board on Pinterest (don't worry, you'll be learning about that very soon) that's titled "Kole's Homecoming". So you can only guess what type of stuff I pin on there.... Cute little ideas for your homecoming party, and airport arrival=)

I love (and miss) you to the moon and back 1,000,000,000 x 1,000,000,000!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Sunshine

I heard this song, and couldn't help but think of you. Seriously, this song was written for you! YOU ARE the sunshine on rainy days, for me my dear. And remember, there must be rain before the rainbow. And that storm is almost over for you, I promise. 

Love you sunshine,

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dear Little Brother,

Dear Kole,
I hope you're aware of how excited I am! Of  how much preparation is going on down here, how many prayers are being prayed. And don't even get me started on the amount of time you are on my mind! I always think of you when we're out doing something or even when we're home, I think of what you would be doing or how different it would be with you, or how things would go if you were here. I mean seriously, homestudy, you could not come sooner!? 

In conclusion to that, we do have stuff to keep us busy while we're waiting. Such as, preparation, shopping, fundraising, more paperwork, oh and 4 other boys to look after ;) Speaking of shopping, my mom and I did a little a few days ago............

Of course, you can never be too prepared! We bought you your "gotcha day" outfit!! Which includes your first pair of skinny jeans, a button-up shirt, and a t-shirt we'll be making. So don't worry, you'll be leaving the orphanage in style. Oh and we haven't forget about your homecoming outfit. We are still to make that.... But pictures will come! 

Love you bud,

Monday, February 20, 2012

All This Time

I just thought I would remind you of how much you are loved. How much I love you. And how much we're thinking about you over here! You are going to turn five this year, probably before mom and dad get to you. You're going to be the 'baby' in the family! :) Zane is very excited about that. Speaking of which, you and your big brother Zane are only a month apart! How cool is that? You'll probably be sharing clothes with your other older brothers, Gabe and Levi, or maybe even Zane Man. You'll also be sharing a room with the 4 boys. And there's plenty of toys I'm sure your bros wouldn't mind lending to you ;) Gee, I hope you don't mind sharing!

So anyway, just remember that God is with you, and he'll wrap his arms around you and care for you until we can. "All this time, it was you and I, you've been walking with me all this time."- Britt Nicole You know, the song All This Time really resembles you. "I remember the story, I remember the pain. I was just a girl (boy) but I grew up that day. Tears were falling. I know you saw me." So whenever you feel alone, just replay those lyrics in your head, or think of us. Because you're not alone. Not forgotten. Not un-loved. I can assure you, you are not any of the above! Especially forgotten. You couldn't be even if you tried. There are so many people here thinking about you, praying for you, helping, fundraising, and sharing the same excitement and anticipation. We are working so hard to get you home. And are trying our best to expedite everything we can. We can not wait for you to join our family!! Until I can say "Kole House". And until you can come home and play with your many brothers! To see you playing, interacting, smiling, like a 4 year old should! Kole, when that day comes, all I think I will be able to do is smile. At not only you, but God's amazing miracle. What He did. He made you. And brought us to you....again. And that is just one of the many reasons I thank God!!

Love you!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have I Told You?

Dear sunshine,
Have I told you you are going to be rescued?
Have I told you you are going to be loved?
Have I told you you are going to be hugged and kissed?
Have I told you you are going to have a hand to hold?
Have I told you you are going to have a home?
Have i told you you are going to have a family?
Have I told you you are going to have 4 big brothers to play with?

Of course I haven't! So I'm just giving you a headsup right now ;) It's a little belated, but oh well. At least now I can tell you we are home study updated/approved! It's hard to believe we were doing this same exact thing, a year ago. Yep, we tracked it all, and it seems that if all goes as planned, we will be back in UA in May. The same month we traveled to bring Gabe and Levi home. Which also means almost a full year as gone by since we met. It was bitter-sweet, leaving you- the bitter part, and leaving Zap with G & L-the sweet part. But now it's just all sweet! Sweet that I get to look at your pictures and say "see you soon". Sweet that I can now cry of longingness, knowing that you will soon be in my arms. Instead of knowing you won't any time soon. And sweet that I get to blog, write, chat, shop, and talk about you, as my new brother. Once we got home, I immediately missed the whole 'adoption feeling'. I wanted so badly to go through the process again. I wanted that excited, longing, happy, feeling an adoption brings. It's sort of a love-hate relationship we have actually. Whenever a family is in the adoption process, they just want it to end. They went their little one home with them, they will do whatever it takes to speed up the whole thing. I know because that was us a year ago. And that was/is so many adopting families I know. But yet, and I don't know if this goes for everyone, when it's all said and done, the one thing I want is to go through it all again. So this time around, I'm gonna enjoy every step we take. Every struggle or road bump we encounter, because I know when we're finished... well, let's just say that word "finish" won't be used to describe our family for while ;) But anyway, one thing I want to clarify is that I won't be taking my time. You don't deserve to spend one more minute in that place, so yes, it is all in God's hands and timing. As far as right now, we are trying to expedite anything and everything we can. But while cherishing and savoring these moments and feelings too.

So I can VERY gladly say, with a smile from ear to ear on my face, see you soon!!!

Love you,
Sissy (eeepp! I like the sound of that:))

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!

Dear Kory,
Happy New Year! I know 2012 began at 12:00am for you, which means 5:00pm our time. But I also know, I'm probably the first and last one to wish you a happy new year. It must be saddening for you. It makes me upset just thinking about it. Spending a holiday with no family and no celebration. If I could, I would pack my bags, hug my family goodbye, and hop on a plane right now to see you.....Okay, maybe not alone. But you get my point. I would be on my way in a heartbeat! So anyway, I hope you have a healthy and blessed 2012, and hopefully this will be the year you find your forever family :) I pray for you almost everyday, that God keeps you safe, protected, healthy, happy, and finds you a mom and dad of your own. And maybe we'll be that forever family ;) If it's God's Will, you'll come home to us. But who knows, this year could hold a WHOLE new door of opportunities for you! Like the positive side, you could find an amazing family! Or the negative, be transferred. But that's a whole other story. I'm looking forward to another year of advocating and blogging for you!!! Love you buddy <3