Monday, February 20, 2012

All This Time

I just thought I would remind you of how much you are loved. How much I love you. And how much we're thinking about you over here! You are going to turn five this year, probably before mom and dad get to you. You're going to be the 'baby' in the family! :) Zane is very excited about that. Speaking of which, you and your big brother Zane are only a month apart! How cool is that? You'll probably be sharing clothes with your other older brothers, Gabe and Levi, or maybe even Zane Man. You'll also be sharing a room with the 4 boys. And there's plenty of toys I'm sure your bros wouldn't mind lending to you ;) Gee, I hope you don't mind sharing!

So anyway, just remember that God is with you, and he'll wrap his arms around you and care for you until we can. "All this time, it was you and I, you've been walking with me all this time."- Britt Nicole You know, the song All This Time really resembles you. "I remember the story, I remember the pain. I was just a girl (boy) but I grew up that day. Tears were falling. I know you saw me." So whenever you feel alone, just replay those lyrics in your head, or think of us. Because you're not alone. Not forgotten. Not un-loved. I can assure you, you are not any of the above! Especially forgotten. You couldn't be even if you tried. There are so many people here thinking about you, praying for you, helping, fundraising, and sharing the same excitement and anticipation. We are working so hard to get you home. And are trying our best to expedite everything we can. We can not wait for you to join our family!! Until I can say "Kole House". And until you can come home and play with your many brothers! To see you playing, interacting, smiling, like a 4 year old should! Kole, when that day comes, all I think I will be able to do is smile. At not only you, but God's amazing miracle. What He did. He made you. And brought us to you....again. And that is just one of the many reasons I thank God!!

Love you!

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