Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Little About YOU

Dear Kole,
Your two month-home mark will be November 28th. Man, have these past two months been amazing!

Since you've been home, we've discovered a lot about you....

You looove to cook! The kitchen is probably your favorite place in the whole house (even though it's off limits for you and Levi).
You are the sweetest little cuddle bug! You love to be close and around people. You're a huger, and a kisser ;)
You are shy/timid for a while. You get nervous and cling to me, mom or dad, when a new person walks in. But it doesn't take too long for you to warm up to them.
You are mr. stubborn! You have that stubborn, bossy, trait that many kids with DS seem to have:) You must have been the boss in the orphanage, because you like to be in control and have your own way.
You like to test out EVERY toy in the house. You have to dump out all the buckets in the house. But in the end, it's not that bad because you do a good job cleaning up ;)
Your favorite game is 'chase'. You love to be chased by people, and laugh the loudest while running away.
You have the most contagious giggle!! Whenever I'm feeling down, I can't help but smile at you and your silly little act.
You love clothes. You love dressing yourself, and some times if there's an extra shirt lying around in the car, we'll find you in it.
You love food. But, who doesn't? ;)

I love all the little things that make you, you.