Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kory... I Can't Stop!

My little K buddy, I think about you NONSTOP. I can't help but write several letters to you! =) 

 If only I could see you again... 
I pray every night for that. For God to give me at least one more day with you. 

I also pray constantly for a little sister. Since my life is full of four crazy younger brothers ;) But I rather have you then a sister. That's how badly I wish you could be in our family! Even if you didn't come in as my brother. I just want to have the honor of telling people, I'm related to you. 

So you'll probably have like a dozen more of these little notes in the next few weeks. Because out of 'my' 10 children, you are the one I enjoy writing to the most <3. 

Don't forget meee! Cause I'll NEVER forget you. 

Love you sunshine!
 Your mommy, 

Dear Rebecca...And Paige,

My newest, tiny, precious addition, Rebecca. Even though the loss of your 'sister' Paige (Ping Ping) was hard on us all, I'm so glad you've become part of this family :) 

You will NEVER be replaced or forgotten sweet Paige! 

 I sit in peace knowing you both, are in safe, caring arms and are truly loved by many. Becca, in the care of New Day Foster Home and their amazingly kind 'nannies'. And Paige, in the warm, secure arms of Jesus Christ. No more pain P! 

I love you girls! <3

Your mother at heart,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since Paige (Ping Ping) is with Jesus now, I have decided to take on another angel to 'fill her spot'. 

Say hello to baby Rebecca
Info from New Day site: "Rebecca was born on June 8, 2011 and abandoned soon after. When her parents could not be found she was taken to the local orphanage. Rebecca arrived at New Day Foster Home on August 31, 2011. She has been diagnosed heart disease (TOF) and is cyanotic. Rebecca is a strong little girl who eats well. She is alert and loves to smile. Rebecca loves to watch what is going on, her little black eyes darting back and forth taking everything in. We are excited to see the difference that love and surgery make in Rebecca's precious life."

Rebecca is also from New Day Foster Home in China :) Isn't she just the cutest??? I can not wait for the many posts, contributes, etc, to come with Becca!



Dancing in the Heavens

'My' sweet baby girl Paige has gone to be with Jesus. 

Her precious little heart has stopped....It was completely unexpected. She was dearly loved by New Day and meant so much to everyone there. And to me. Even though she was only part of this 'family' for a short amount of time, she was apart of God's plan before birth.
Now that she is no longer with us, I figured it would be okay to share her name. Ping Ping, you are forever loved.

Your momma,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictures of Nikita!!

New photos of Nikita!!!!

I have just a couple, so I will cherish them always <3.