Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flashback Part 3

Introducing, flashback part three........

Day 3

This morning, was a little different. We were cherishing our hour with Levi, as always, during visits. My mom, dad, Levi and I were right next to the playground your groupa goes almost everyday. I remember it like it was yesterday- Levi and I were being spun on a spinning wheel type thing we usually see at parks, here in America. This time, not the entire groupa came out, but thank goodness, you happen to be one of them in there :) As soon as I saw you all there, I tried convincing my mom to go over with me. She told me to go, and that I would be fine, about 10 feet away. So I walked between the small, green bushes, and stepped foot on the other play area, with a camera in my hand. Now of course, being around, basic strangers, who don't speak your language and are who knows how nice, get's an 11 year old a little nervous. And on top of that, I'm not the most outgoing person. But your caretakers are really sweet and you kiddos, are more then welcoming! After interacting with you guys for a few minutes, I unzipped the camera case and took out my (aunt's) camera, and began to take pictures of you. I got some pretty adorable snapshots ;) It got later, our visiting hour was ending, and so was your groupa "outdoor time". That ride back to the church (in which we were staying in Zap) , was a bidder-sweet 20 minutes. I had spent 2 hours with my amazing little brothers and held your hand for the last time. Saw your adorable face for the last time...hugged you for the last time...experienced your eye-opening smile for the very last time. I knew it would be a day of "lasts" for us, as far as being able to play with you because we were suppose to leave with Levi and Gabe to Kiev the next day. So knowing that this would be the last day we would be visiting Artem and Vitalik from the orphanage was a overwhelming, happy feeling. Yet, knowing that I wouldn't get to see you anymore, that, that was the bitter part. After the 3rd time seeing you, I felt like we had a connection. Almost like you were another brother we came to bring home. And knowing that we couldn't bring you back, felt like we left a family member behind. BUT! If it's God Will, we will meet again <3

Love you dear! 


Sunday, December 4, 2011

Flashback Part 2

From the last post, I explained I'd be writing letters to you, as if I were in Ukraine. Flashbacks.  

Day Two 

Dear Sunshine,
Today was amazing. I will never forget it. We again, used Levi as our 'navigator' and walked to the same play area where your groupa goes (almost) everyday. As we approached the corner, I heard kids screaming with laughter and running toward us. I kept walking and saw your sweet smile on your chubby little body, sitting on a painted tree stump. I waved, and once again, my eyes met your heart melting grin. I got down on my knees and you grabbed my hands. This time I brought the flip camera...I started recording your giggle. Your nannies, who did not speak one bit of English, tried asking me what time it was. They pointed to the video camera, than their wrist, as if they were wearing a watch. While babbling Russian- I had absolutely no idea what they were saying. I tried telling them that the camera wasn't a watch and I asked my dad what time is was. When he answered me I gave them the time and heard a word I could understand- Spaseeba which means thank you. Shortly afterwords, more nannies came out with several cups of what I believed, hot tea. That, or dirty hot water. They held the cup to your mouth and expected you to chug it down quickly. That was done with each and every child outside, including Levi. You all seemed to enjoy it, like it was a treat, yet I still feel bad for the way they quickly poured it down your throat. Along with the beverages, came trays of bread. A loaf of bread was spilt between the ten of you. After you all ate and drank, some of the kiddos went and sat in the metal, toy car.

I sat next to you and Levi a.k.a. Vitalik on one of the benches inside the car. You were holding my hands when my mom walked over to take pictures. I have a few photos of you holding my hand and hugging me. I tried reaching for you, I thought you'd want to sit on my lap. But you didn't respond. We spent a great amount of time in there, taking pictures together and sitting next to each other :) Eventually, your groupa had to go inside and we had to bring Levi back so we could spent the other hour with Gabe. I can't wait to see you again tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I spent 3 mornings with you, outside on the orphanage playground. Since you don't understand English and I didn't have this blog while in Ukraine, I'm going to write letters as if I were in UA right now, visiting you. Basically, I'm writing down my thoughts about you, from the last six months :)So first, day ONE.

Dear Kory, 
Today we were playing outside with Levi, when I saw your groupa come out. I wanted to follow so bad! But I'm too shy... So I waited and convinced my parents to come over to the playground with me and Levi. We walked over there and set Levi down to make it look like he came over here on his own ;) We had brought a little bubble gun thing that we bought at the market for Levi. My mom and I followed Levi to you and the other kiddos and that's when I saw you. I had a gotten a glance of your sweet face inside the orphanage when we were picking up Levi for a visit once. I was surprised because we were told Gabe and Levi were the last children left in that orphanage with Down syndrome... 'They' were wrong. In fact, you and Sasha ('Alexander' on RR) were the last kids to be born with DS there. Besides little Stacy (also on RR) in Gabe's room. So anyway, I saw you sitting on a painted tree stump, smiling at us=) My mom and I were blowing bubbles with the gun and we made the kids all hyper and the nannies got mad hehe. We felt mad so we stopped. Than, I got down on my knees, in the sandy dirt and gave you a smile. Of course, being as cute and sweet as you are, you smiled back :) Than, reached for my hand...The most interesting part about me I guess? Or you just wanted a warm hand to hold. Either way, you played with my hand for half the time. A few minutes later, I went and sat with Levi and Sasha and my mom on the little boat/bench thingy. One of the nannies, the sweetest and eldest of all, brought you over to the boat, and sat you on my lap. Now my mom and I were wondering why the nannies were like....trying to get us attached to you. Maybe they wanted you to get adopted? I have no idea. But it was sweet. My absolute favorite part (next to meeting my brothers) is the 2 minutes you sat on  my lap. You were so cute and chubby and sort of 'floppy' I guess. Like a baby=) I loved it! And I will never regret meeting you.... NEVER. 

With love,
Genesis <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Minus Nine

So I have come to a thought. I have ten precious children at heart and love each and every one of them! One of those 10 happens to be 'Kory', which whom I met in Ukraine while adopting my brothers. I fell in love with this amazing little boy and automaticly, he was the first to 'be born into the family' when creating this blog. Because of the (short) history Kory and I have, more then half the posts have been written to Kory.

Like I said, I absolutely LOVE the kids I have and part of me doesn't want to do this... But I think it would be best if I put my 'family' on hold for a while and focused on Kory. I have decided to end the family blog and just write letters to lil' K.

PLEASE, don't think I'm favoriting this child or being selfish. I just think it makes the most sense, after writing so many posts to Kory. In the future, I will resume "You're My Baby, You're My Sunshine". I have decided to change the title just so that people won't get confused, in case this post doesn't reach everyone... If ya know what I mean? ;)

Please keep reading! I'll be updating.



I love you Gabi, Jamison, Juliet, Becca, Maribel, Adam, Nikita, Will, Kory, and Paige! Your Mom at heart love's you and one day, you'll have a REAL mommy, to take you home and hug and kiss you!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

DS Awareness Giveaway!

Well I'm sure you know, October is Down syndrome awareness month.... And it's October!!!

SO, to celebrate the great blessing of DS, I am hosting our very first giveaway! From 10/17-11/17 YOU have the chance of winning one pair of knit booties or a pair of adorable handmade socks!

Tinkerbell socks, size 0-6mo
Iceskate booties, 3-6mo
Donated by Soxs That Rock (Thank you!!)

Aren't they just adorable? Now to find out how you can own them!--- $5 = 1 entry~ $20 = 5 entries
                               Giveaway begins~ October 17th, 2011. Giveaway ends~ November 17th, 2011.
PLEASE LEAVE COMMENT ON BLOG after donating, to let me know what item you would like your entry/entries to go for. A Chip-In will be added to the blog for GIVEAWAY ONLY.

And the best part? All of the money is going to 'my' kiddos! Yep. By donating just a few dollars, you are helping ophans in need :)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear Maribel

My little girl...

You are just adorable and soo sweet!
Buuuuut! I have been waiting and waiting AND waiting for new info/photos.............
And that day has finally come!!

Little miss Maribel, we have recieved information from your orphanage, they say you
have mild heart disease which does not require operation. You are reasonably active, you love to play with other children. You are a big help for your caretakers. You watch animated cartoons with great and concentrated interest. You are in the group with regular children. Your behavior and appearance differ nothing from the other children in the group. And you are VERY nice, with beautiful eyes!

Well you sound like the ultimate daughter/sister/cousin/niece! I know you would just BLOSSOM in a loving family of your own :) And that's why I will NEVER give up on finding you a home. You more than deserve it, M <3

Keep on giggling and shining!
Love your mother at heart,

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kory... I Can't Stop!

My little K buddy, I think about you NONSTOP. I can't help but write several letters to you! =) 

 If only I could see you again... 
I pray every night for that. For God to give me at least one more day with you. 

I also pray constantly for a little sister. Since my life is full of four crazy younger brothers ;) But I rather have you then a sister. That's how badly I wish you could be in our family! Even if you didn't come in as my brother. I just want to have the honor of telling people, I'm related to you. 

So you'll probably have like a dozen more of these little notes in the next few weeks. Because out of 'my' 10 children, you are the one I enjoy writing to the most <3. 

Don't forget meee! Cause I'll NEVER forget you. 

Love you sunshine!
 Your mommy, 

Dear Rebecca...And Paige,

My newest, tiny, precious addition, Rebecca. Even though the loss of your 'sister' Paige (Ping Ping) was hard on us all, I'm so glad you've become part of this family :) 

You will NEVER be replaced or forgotten sweet Paige! 

 I sit in peace knowing you both, are in safe, caring arms and are truly loved by many. Becca, in the care of New Day Foster Home and their amazingly kind 'nannies'. And Paige, in the warm, secure arms of Jesus Christ. No more pain P! 

I love you girls! <3

Your mother at heart,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Since Paige (Ping Ping) is with Jesus now, I have decided to take on another angel to 'fill her spot'. 

Say hello to baby Rebecca
Info from New Day site: "Rebecca was born on June 8, 2011 and abandoned soon after. When her parents could not be found she was taken to the local orphanage. Rebecca arrived at New Day Foster Home on August 31, 2011. She has been diagnosed heart disease (TOF) and is cyanotic. Rebecca is a strong little girl who eats well. She is alert and loves to smile. Rebecca loves to watch what is going on, her little black eyes darting back and forth taking everything in. We are excited to see the difference that love and surgery make in Rebecca's precious life."

Rebecca is also from New Day Foster Home in China :) Isn't she just the cutest??? I can not wait for the many posts, contributes, etc, to come with Becca!



Dancing in the Heavens

'My' sweet baby girl Paige has gone to be with Jesus. 

Her precious little heart has stopped....It was completely unexpected. She was dearly loved by New Day and meant so much to everyone there. And to me. Even though she was only part of this 'family' for a short amount of time, she was apart of God's plan before birth.
Now that she is no longer with us, I figured it would be okay to share her name. Ping Ping, you are forever loved.

Your momma,

Friday, September 2, 2011

Pictures of Nikita!!

New photos of Nikita!!!!

I have just a couple, so I will cherish them always <3.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

Photos of Paige!!

Yesss! Thanks to my amazing friend, Alyssa I now have 2 more pictures of sweet Paige :)

Is she not just the cutest baby girl??!



Just ONE More!

I couldn't help but see a another sweet face of a hopeless child and add them to my heart family :)
But this time, I promise, I won't be adding any more kids for a longgg time!

Meet Paige

Paige (not adoptable/listed through RR) is in China where the New Day Foster Home has taken her in since she was abandoned shortly after birth. Isn't she just adorable?? From her profile- "Paige was born on March 18, 2011 and abandoned at the local park one month later. When her parents could not be found, she was taken to the local orphanage. Paige was born with a severe heart disease (single ventricle, single atrium, pulmonary artery artesia, and dextrocardia). When she is being held, Paige loves to look and smile into the face of whoever is holding her. Paige is an active little girl during tummy time and can wiggle her hands and feet. She can recognize her name and turns her head when called. Paige is a lovely and smart little girl and we hope that she will feel loved here. We long for the day when her heart is whole and she is completely healthy."

I have always wanted a little sister from China!! And now, I can have one as a 'daughter'! ;)


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Dear Nikita,

Precious, sweet Nikita. I am so very glad I discovered your picture on RR! Just by looking at a photo of your handsome face, I can tell you are a silly and fun-loving lil' boy! :) I can't wait to find out more about you and hopefully recieve more photos of you!! I pray you have a wonderful day today and know that your momma and papa are out there somewhere, waiting for the day they can hop on that plane and fly to rescue and bring YOU HOME <3. Click on this link to watch a video/ song <--- that represent's all EIGHT of you! 

Love your mom,

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Yep. I have fallen in love with two more precious angels featured on Reece's Rainbow! I love big families, and there for, my (not so little) 'by heart' family is full of 8 kiddos and complete.
....For now ;) 

Nikita A.
Date of Birth: March 2007
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Character: calm

 DOB June 2009.
Adam's mother died. He is living with HIV and Hepatitis C. He can be adopted with other unrelated children. The children are in a 'psychoneurological baby house' which means they will most likely go to a mental institute if they do not find a family by the age of 4. The children have access to outdoor play, physical therapy play equipment and a sensory room. The children here have access to ARV meds and see a specialist doctor twice per year.

Aren't they just adorable??? I love them like my own (if I had children at 11) as I do, the other 6 of my little ones =)



Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pictures of My Boys!!

YAY!! I just got more photos of Jamison and William! Look at these handsome little men :D

 Isn't Will just ADORABLE?? Now wait till you see J :)

 I hope you consider taking on one of these precious boys. Or maybe you were headed toward a girl? 

If you are willing to commit to 'my' child(dren) please email me at or Andrea Roberts at


Dear Juliet,

Juliet, my dear, you are beautiful! Even though the only photo I have of you, you're sleeping in ;) But who wouldn't expect that from, a new born?

Anyways, I think we have a couple things in common.... First off, we were both born in January! Next Jan. you will  be 1 and I will be 11 :) Another thing, I've always wanted to name one of my daughters "Juliet". I know that's not your actual name but still... It's probably my favorite 'screen name' on RR hehe.. 

Man, I wish I could take you home and hold you forever!
I'm proud to be your momma, sweet Julie <3

 Love you forever and always,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dear Kory,

I have some good news! You have been listed on Reece's Rainbow, which means a momma and papa are going to see your picture and read about you and hopefully come bring you HOME :)
You know and answer to your name (Nicoli) but for now, your 'nickname' is Kory. So I will call you that =) 

Ohhh, Kory... I miss you SOOO much!! Not a day goes by that I wish I couldn't be with you. I had the time of my life there with you and all your friends! It was a dream come true and I will never forget it.
 Every single day I think about you and long to be with you, holding your hand while your chubby little body rests on my lap. I often wonder if you ever think about me. I only had about 3 mornings to play with you and I don't even know if you remember any of it! I'm sure it meant the world to you, to have someone there to hold, hug and love you.... Even if it lasted for only an hour. And it met twice that to me.

I so wish we could have brought you home with us! I want to be your big sister or cousin or aunt or even a state away from you. I just want to be able to see you again. And who knows, maybe God has a plan for me to go on a mission trip or something to Europe some day! 

Hang tight little man, 

love you buddy!! <3

Your by heart mommy :D

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Additions!

Introducing the new additions to the family :)

Juliet! The youngest of them all... Born Januray 2011. Love swadled newbons!!

I personally don't have favorites but Nicoli is my little man :) He has an extra special place in my heart.... I got to meet and hold sweet Coli in June of 2011 on our adoption journey in Ukraine to bring my brothers Gabe and Levi home. He is THE sweetest, calmest little boy!! I love him so <3
Well that's it, folks! I now am a mother of 6 ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hola Amigos!

Hey everyone, I'm Genesis and I will be 12 in 5 months.

Although I am young, I have a heart on fire for God and his little ones. Since 2010, when we discovered Reece's Rainbow (and committed to my 2 brothers w/DS) I have felt a call to find families and homes for all the forgotten children with special needs (mainly foreign countries). 

The children I post about on here have a special place in my heart. Many of my friends are also creating blogs like this, for 'their children' :) Together, we have come up with own little families made of kiddos on RR and ourselves of course.... Oh and love. 

SO, follow my 'family'...