Sunday, August 28, 2011

Just ONE More!

I couldn't help but see a another sweet face of a hopeless child and add them to my heart family :)
But this time, I promise, I won't be adding any more kids for a longgg time!

Meet Paige

Paige (not adoptable/listed through RR) is in China where the New Day Foster Home has taken her in since she was abandoned shortly after birth. Isn't she just adorable?? From her profile- "Paige was born on March 18, 2011 and abandoned at the local park one month later. When her parents could not be found, she was taken to the local orphanage. Paige was born with a severe heart disease (single ventricle, single atrium, pulmonary artery artesia, and dextrocardia). When she is being held, Paige loves to look and smile into the face of whoever is holding her. Paige is an active little girl during tummy time and can wiggle her hands and feet. She can recognize her name and turns her head when called. Paige is a lovely and smart little girl and we hope that she will feel loved here. We long for the day when her heart is whole and she is completely healthy."

I have always wanted a little sister from China!! And now, I can have one as a 'daughter'! ;)


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