Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kory... I Can't Stop!

My little K buddy, I think about you NONSTOP. I can't help but write several letters to you! =) 

 If only I could see you again... 
I pray every night for that. For God to give me at least one more day with you. 

I also pray constantly for a little sister. Since my life is full of four crazy younger brothers ;) But I rather have you then a sister. That's how badly I wish you could be in our family! Even if you didn't come in as my brother. I just want to have the honor of telling people, I'm related to you. 

So you'll probably have like a dozen more of these little notes in the next few weeks. Because out of 'my' 10 children, you are the one I enjoy writing to the most <3. 

Don't forget meee! Cause I'll NEVER forget you. 

Love you sunshine!
 Your mommy, 

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