Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dear Maribel

My little girl...

You are just adorable and soo sweet!
Buuuuut! I have been waiting and waiting AND waiting for new info/photos.............
And that day has finally come!!

Little miss Maribel, we have recieved information from your orphanage, they say you
have mild heart disease which does not require operation. You are reasonably active, you love to play with other children. You are a big help for your caretakers. You watch animated cartoons with great and concentrated interest. You are in the group with regular children. Your behavior and appearance differ nothing from the other children in the group. And you are VERY nice, with beautiful eyes!

Well you sound like the ultimate daughter/sister/cousin/niece! I know you would just BLOSSOM in a loving family of your own :) And that's why I will NEVER give up on finding you a home. You more than deserve it, M <3

Keep on giggling and shining!
Love your mother at heart,

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