Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Minus Nine

So I have come to a thought. I have ten precious children at heart and love each and every one of them! One of those 10 happens to be 'Kory', which whom I met in Ukraine while adopting my brothers. I fell in love with this amazing little boy and automaticly, he was the first to 'be born into the family' when creating this blog. Because of the (short) history Kory and I have, more then half the posts have been written to Kory.

Like I said, I absolutely LOVE the kids I have and part of me doesn't want to do this... But I think it would be best if I put my 'family' on hold for a while and focused on Kory. I have decided to end the family blog and just write letters to lil' K.

PLEASE, don't think I'm favoriting this child or being selfish. I just think it makes the most sense, after writing so many posts to Kory. In the future, I will resume "You're My Baby, You're My Sunshine". I have decided to change the title just so that people won't get confused, in case this post doesn't reach everyone... If ya know what I mean? ;)

Please keep reading! I'll be updating.



I love you Gabi, Jamison, Juliet, Becca, Maribel, Adam, Nikita, Will, Kory, and Paige! Your Mom at heart love's you and one day, you'll have a REAL mommy, to take you home and hug and kiss you!!

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