Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I spent 3 mornings with you, outside on the orphanage playground. Since you don't understand English and I didn't have this blog while in Ukraine, I'm going to write letters as if I were in UA right now, visiting you. Basically, I'm writing down my thoughts about you, from the last six months :)So first, day ONE.

Dear Kory, 
Today we were playing outside with Levi, when I saw your groupa come out. I wanted to follow so bad! But I'm too shy... So I waited and convinced my parents to come over to the playground with me and Levi. We walked over there and set Levi down to make it look like he came over here on his own ;) We had brought a little bubble gun thing that we bought at the market for Levi. My mom and I followed Levi to you and the other kiddos and that's when I saw you. I had a gotten a glance of your sweet face inside the orphanage when we were picking up Levi for a visit once. I was surprised because we were told Gabe and Levi were the last children left in that orphanage with Down syndrome... 'They' were wrong. In fact, you and Sasha ('Alexander' on RR) were the last kids to be born with DS there. Besides little Stacy (also on RR) in Gabe's room. So anyway, I saw you sitting on a painted tree stump, smiling at us=) My mom and I were blowing bubbles with the gun and we made the kids all hyper and the nannies got mad hehe. We felt mad so we stopped. Than, I got down on my knees, in the sandy dirt and gave you a smile. Of course, being as cute and sweet as you are, you smiled back :) Than, reached for my hand...The most interesting part about me I guess? Or you just wanted a warm hand to hold. Either way, you played with my hand for half the time. A few minutes later, I went and sat with Levi and Sasha and my mom on the little boat/bench thingy. One of the nannies, the sweetest and eldest of all, brought you over to the boat, and sat you on my lap. Now my mom and I were wondering why the nannies were like....trying to get us attached to you. Maybe they wanted you to get adopted? I have no idea. But it was sweet. My absolute favorite part (next to meeting my brothers) is the 2 minutes you sat on  my lap. You were so cute and chubby and sort of 'floppy' I guess. Like a baby=) I loved it! And I will never regret meeting you.... NEVER. 

With love,
Genesis <3

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