Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flashback Part 3

Introducing, flashback part three........

Day 3

This morning, was a little different. We were cherishing our hour with Levi, as always, during visits. My mom, dad, Levi and I were right next to the playground your groupa goes almost everyday. I remember it like it was yesterday- Levi and I were being spun on a spinning wheel type thing we usually see at parks, here in America. This time, not the entire groupa came out, but thank goodness, you happen to be one of them in there :) As soon as I saw you all there, I tried convincing my mom to go over with me. She told me to go, and that I would be fine, about 10 feet away. So I walked between the small, green bushes, and stepped foot on the other play area, with a camera in my hand. Now of course, being around, basic strangers, who don't speak your language and are who knows how nice, get's an 11 year old a little nervous. And on top of that, I'm not the most outgoing person. But your caretakers are really sweet and you kiddos, are more then welcoming! After interacting with you guys for a few minutes, I unzipped the camera case and took out my (aunt's) camera, and began to take pictures of you. I got some pretty adorable snapshots ;) It got later, our visiting hour was ending, and so was your groupa "outdoor time". That ride back to the church (in which we were staying in Zap) , was a bidder-sweet 20 minutes. I had spent 2 hours with my amazing little brothers and held your hand for the last time. Saw your adorable face for the last time...hugged you for the last time...experienced your eye-opening smile for the very last time. I knew it would be a day of "lasts" for us, as far as being able to play with you because we were suppose to leave with Levi and Gabe to Kiev the next day. So knowing that this would be the last day we would be visiting Artem and Vitalik from the orphanage was a overwhelming, happy feeling. Yet, knowing that I wouldn't get to see you anymore, that, that was the bitter part. After the 3rd time seeing you, I felt like we had a connection. Almost like you were another brother we came to bring home. And knowing that we couldn't bring you back, felt like we left a family member behind. BUT! If it's God Will, we will meet again <3

Love you dear! 


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