Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Have I Told You?

Dear sunshine,
Have I told you you are going to be rescued?
Have I told you you are going to be loved?
Have I told you you are going to be hugged and kissed?
Have I told you you are going to have a hand to hold?
Have I told you you are going to have a home?
Have i told you you are going to have a family?
Have I told you you are going to have 4 big brothers to play with?

Of course I haven't! So I'm just giving you a headsup right now ;) It's a little belated, but oh well. At least now I can tell you we are home study updated/approved! It's hard to believe we were doing this same exact thing, a year ago. Yep, we tracked it all, and it seems that if all goes as planned, we will be back in UA in May. The same month we traveled to bring Gabe and Levi home. Which also means almost a full year as gone by since we met. It was bitter-sweet, leaving you- the bitter part, and leaving Zap with G & L-the sweet part. But now it's just all sweet! Sweet that I get to look at your pictures and say "see you soon". Sweet that I can now cry of longingness, knowing that you will soon be in my arms. Instead of knowing you won't any time soon. And sweet that I get to blog, write, chat, shop, and talk about you, as my new brother. Once we got home, I immediately missed the whole 'adoption feeling'. I wanted so badly to go through the process again. I wanted that excited, longing, happy, feeling an adoption brings. It's sort of a love-hate relationship we have actually. Whenever a family is in the adoption process, they just want it to end. They went their little one home with them, they will do whatever it takes to speed up the whole thing. I know because that was us a year ago. And that was/is so many adopting families I know. But yet, and I don't know if this goes for everyone, when it's all said and done, the one thing I want is to go through it all again. So this time around, I'm gonna enjoy every step we take. Every struggle or road bump we encounter, because I know when we're finished... well, let's just say that word "finish" won't be used to describe our family for while ;) But anyway, one thing I want to clarify is that I won't be taking my time. You don't deserve to spend one more minute in that place, so yes, it is all in God's hands and timing. As far as right now, we are trying to expedite anything and everything we can. But while cherishing and savoring these moments and feelings too.

So I can VERY gladly say, with a smile from ear to ear on my face, see you soon!!!

Love you,
Sissy (eeepp! I like the sound of that:))

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