Saturday, June 30, 2012

Already Spoiled

Dear Kole,
Let me just say, you are going to be one spoiled boy! Almost every time we go to SOME store that contains clothing, mom or I always look for stuff for you. We just naturally start shopping for you ;) And if it's like this already, can you imagine what it will be like when you are actually HERE?! And now that our paperwork was delayed, mom and dad probably won't be traveling to get you till September :( But at least it will be cooler out! So now we have to pack you warm clothes and footies! I can only imagine how adorable you will look in footie pajamas! So far, I think you have 3 sets of PJ's and like 5 outfits. Including a pair of skinny jeans! You're already one stylish little man<3

Love you pal!

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